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Trailer for wkgreen's Time Loop

So... it's been a long time. RL has kept me both busy and nervous and I had my first days of peace thanks to my ability to cacth big frikkin' evil colds. Ain't that great? Two days kept at home in my PJs to make some Camerah visual goodness! After that, I shall begin the amusing process of moving to another city.... ugh...
So I'm still on my quest to make trailers or tributes or music videos for all those amazing fics out there. This time is Time Loop. I hope wkgreen likes it. I always tremble like a little girl when I post something for an author. Hey, but if you don't like it, you can say it. I'll cry alone in my cavern and then I'll come out as good as new. I must confess that I'm planning on revisiting this vid someday, I'm not happy with it at 100%. It has to serve as a promotion for the story and I'm not sure if I nailed that.

Any ideas of which one could be next? I'm still working on the extended trailer for Inspector Boxer's NRFTW, but that one is going to take longer than I thought -I'm using AfterEffects to put River and Sarah together in some frames and that's been a pain in my ass, but I'll work it out sooner or later-.

Enough said. Please let me know what you think. And of course run to this place and read Time Loop. Again, and again, like Cameron!

O Brave New World

"O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beautious mankind is!
O brave new world,
That has such people in't!"

That is from Shakespeare's The Tempest. That's what my life's been the last few months, quite a storm. Breaking up with the person you love is not exactly what I would call a chilling situation. Thing is we just couldn't keep going, our relationship was far too contaminated by our time-consuming jobs, apathy and fear. We did the right thing, but boy did it hurt! It's funny but I can't still refer to her as my ex. Too weird.

Anyway, just wanted to share some thoughts here and say that I won't be able to finish any videos next moth, since I'm working on the premiere of our play and I'll be focusing on rehearsals as much as I can.

Here's my new heroine. It gives me hope to see that there's such wonderful, brave people out there. How beautious mankind is! Sometimes, anyway.

Sometimes you love a story so much that it encourages you to do silly things like this. If you don't know this fic, you should go and run to the first chapter.

Thanks Boxer for such an unique work. More coming soon.


Music to get by

As I'm turning my life upside down... Coming out of my cave...

What becomes of the brokenhearted?

I already shared this on Twitter, silly me, but still... My girlfriend left me. Maybe I left her. Maybe we broke up. Maybe not. Definately maybe.

Resistance Tribute - A Sarah/Cameron video

Finally! I wrapped my head around Final Cut and here it is, the Anklebone's Resistance tribute video. Ok, so it's kinda silly at times -Derek's fake line, for example... that was intended to be something like a joke- and it's far from perfect and it doesn't measure up to all the Resistance awesomeness but hey, guess I'm trying, right?

Of course it's difficult to follow up Anklebone's story with the footage from the Chronicles, considering I had to make some sense with the lyrics too, but Muse's song is quite amazing and it was just too perfect to ignore it. So I tried to get some balance between the subtle references to the story -Riley, Lauren, Cameron's glitch...- and the lyrics. Of course the initial reference to Cameron's directive is taken directly from chapter one. I know, I know, now I'm rambling, sorry.

Check out 'Resistance' at Anklebone's journal. Thanks again!

Yes! Premiere Day!

So I've just got the news that on april 22 I shall be premiering my new play. Thank goodness. Rehearsals are going fine and I've got the sweetest cast ever, this people are the nicest actors I've ever worked with. True talent.
Yet again, fear is always here on my back... why, oh why?


Happy New Year!

Just got back from mom and pa's. I've got a dizzy morning thanks to the jet lag, but I feel great after drinking every single bottle of wine that got in my way and laughing like a nutter with my folks. Whatever happens, each time I return home there's plenty of joy and laughter waiting for me. Now back to work... hope everyone had a great beginning of the year. 2010 will be great, I can feel it, I need it!
I'm working on a couple of ideas for new Sarah/Cameron vids and a few projects of my own. I'll post something about them soon.

Now... let's listen to Shar. Happy new year!


Viva Verdi! Really?!

So tomorrow I'll be flying back to Lisbon to supervise some rehearsals for our next opera (God, how I love AND hate Verdi!). Thing is I'll be back in the same day. I can see the shapes of a headache coming my way, oh yes.

Something to get by...


Closer - A Sarah/Cameron fanvid

The song is "Closer" by Kings of Leon. The original song has many interpretations, you can say it's about a vampire or someone who is on drugs. But due to that open interpretation, I think it fits well with somebody who's both tired of fighting and battling some kind of desire. Sarah Connor came to mind immediately. So here you are, a Sarah/Cameron fanvid.


Fiction is like a spider's web, attached ever so slightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners. Often the attachment is scarcely perceptible.
-Virginia Woolf.
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